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Myobrace® is a global brand which was established by parent company Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC). Dr Chris Farrell (BDS Sydney) founded MRC in 1989 and has been developing innovative intra-oral appliances to treat the causes of crooked teeth and poor jaw growth ever since.

MRC now have a range of appliance systems suitable for a range of patients; from children right through to adults. Although a significant number of Doctors around the world currently use these systems, many do not realise that MRC has developed more than just orthodontic appliances. MRC's fundamental philosophy differs from other international companies as the focus is not only on developing orthodontic appliances, but on providing both the public and  professionals with  educational materials highlighting importance of correcting poor oral habits (also known as poor myofunctional habits) in children as early as possible. MRC's main goal is not just straightening teeth without braces, it is to make a lifelong positive impact on the development and health of patients.

MRC has been able to achieve better health and development for patients through creating effective education to directly educate Doctors, parents and patients. This dedication to delivering quality educational materials is a crucial part of MRC's role as an active educational company.

The key is to educate at every level: from the growing child right through to the Doctor. Providing proper education can empower Doctors to break out of old, out-dated concepts of orthodontics; leading many to better care for more patients.More information about Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC), can be found at

Providing comprehensive education materials in combination with a range of effective orthodontic appliances produces a healthier and brighter future for all patients.