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Frequently asked questions about Myobrace
Frequently asked questions about Myobrace

Questions for your dental practitioner

Here are a series of questions that you might wish to ask your dental practitioner before going ahead with Myobrace treatment.

Q.  Have you heard about the Myobrace System, and have you treated many patients with it?

Q.  My child's teeth are crooked, will they need braces? When can treatment start?

Q.  Can you see whether my child has any poor myofunctional habits?

Q.  Can you see any issues with my child's facial growth and development?

Q.  Are there any limitations if I chose to go ahead with treatment with braces?

Q. Are retainers required after braces are removed?

Q.  How long will treatment with braces generally take, and what is the average cost?

Q.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Myobrace System over traditional orthodontics?