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Frequently asked questions about Myobrace
Frequently asked questions about Myobrace

Questions to ask your Myobrace practitioner

It is important that you discuss any questions  you may have with your Myobrace Provider to ensure that you're properly informed about treatment.  We've put together a short list of some of the common concerns you might like to addressed while in consultation with your Myobrace Provider.

Q.  How the treatment process works?

Q.  What are the benefits of Myobrace Treatment over traditional orthodontic methods?

Q.  How long before I should expect to see results?

Q.  When would be the best time to start treatment?

Q.  With my particular case, how long do you expect treatment to take?

Q. Do you think a retainer will be needed after treatment?

Q.  Can you give me an approximate cost of treatment?

Q.  Are there any other limitations to this type of treatment?