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How to get started with Myobrace
How to get started with Myobrace

How to Get Started


Do your research
Browse this website to gain an understanding of 'How Myobrace works' and the causes of crooked teeth. Having this knowledge will allow you make an informed decision about whether this treatment is right for you.


Contact your nearest Myobrace Certified Provider
Locate your nearest Myobrace Provider using the 'Find Your Practitioner' feature on this website and book in to have a consultation. Alternatively, you can visit your regular dental practitioner and speak to them about Myobrace Treatment. It is important that you decide on a Provider that you feel comfortable with, and who is right for your needs.


Have records taken
To properly evaluate each patient, study models, photographs, and possibly x-rays of the teeth, face and posture must be taken. This will give your Myobrace Practitioner greater insight into your particular needs, and to develop a treatment plan specifically catered for you.


Discuss your treatment plan
At this stage your Myobrace Provider will present you with the treatment plan. It is at this point that treatment can begin.