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Overall health benfits from the Myobrace
Overall health benfits from the Myobrace

Health Benefits

One of the most important aspects of Myobrace treatment is correcting bad oral habits, and getting patients to breathe through their nose. As well as improving the alignment of the teeth, breathing through your nose can also lead to improved overall health. Breathing through your mouth does not offer any form of filter for the air entering your throat and lungs; and potentially allows germs and bacteria to enter. Breathing through your nose allows the nose to act as a natural filter for the throat and lungs, filtering out some of the daily germs and bacteria that you are exposed to. This can help to lessen the occurrence of asthma and allergies.

Diet and nutrition can also play a vital role in your dental health. Teaching this from an early age is important. Part of the Myobrace for kids™ treatment program is to educate children on how to have a healthy and balanced diet.

Diet and Nutrition

Importance of diet and nutrition during Myobrace treatment Most signs of bad health start with the mouth. Today there are lots of kids with tooth decay that don't know why they have it or how to avoid it. It's good to know what tooth decay is so that you can prevent it from happening to you. If tooth decay starts rotting your teeth, this can affect your life in a big way. Could you imagine if your teeth were so rotten that you couldn't eat? Tooth decay makes everyday tasks like talking or eating much harder to do. Tooth decay can be a real pain! 

Take a look at what you eat. It’s good to know how your body uses the food you eat. If you are eating lots of sugar, junk food, fizzy drinks, and sweets all the time, your teeth may slowly be starting to rot away and your body may not be feeling too good because you’re not getting the right fuel.  If you give your body the right fuel like fruit, vegetables and whole grains, you will feel great and have strong healthy teeth and jaws.  If you don’t get the right fuel that your body needs to grow, your teeth, jaws and face won’t grow properly.  The best way to avoid all of this is by eating lots of healthy food and avoiding too much sugar.

Luckily, poor dental health can be improved by a healthy diet. The types of food you put into your body can change the way you feel, what you look like, how much energy you have, your weight and lots more.

Tips for avoiding tooth decay